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A Handpicked Selection; Watches we love, and so will you

Posted on July 09 2021

A Handpicked Selection; Watches we love, and so will you

Welcome watch lovers, it’s that time of the week again! In this installment, we have been handpicked some gems for your viewing pleasure. 

Whilst WE love watches, as the world and technology progress, there are fewer and fewer reasons to actually wear one - we can ask Alexa the time, use our phones to boil an egg and record our personal best on an app. It’s like letter writing, how wonderful it is to open a handwritten note, yet we rarely do and it’s a dying art – a crying shame. An abomination frankly.

So why wear a vintage watch – or in fact any watch at all? Well, I can wax lyrical about this until the cows come home, but I am aware you have a weekend to enjoy, so I have condensed my ramblings into a few short reasons. Grab a brew, break out the biscuits and let me persuade you…
Style – A watch is a form of self-expression, a reflection of who you are and your personal style. Are you styling out a subtle dress watch under your freshly pressed cuffs, or rocking a robust dive watch on Bondi? Any which way, your watch says something about you, certainly more than your phone does!
Functionality – Given the number of digital devices we have at our disposal, it would be easy to overlook the obvious functionality of a watch. A quick swipe of the wrist is so much more classy than pulling out your phone – not to mention more appropriate on lots of occasions.
Potential Investment – Buying a watch could potentially be a great investment. A watch, especially an iconic, rare or limited edition timepiece could well increase in value over time leaving you with a nice profit or an heirloom to be treasured by family for years to come.
Craftsmanship - A wristwatch is more than a time-keeper. It is both history and ingenious mechanical technology enclosed in a showcase with astonishing craftsmanship. The intricate workings of a watch can take many months or even years to perfect, this surely commands great respect.

The Pure Joy -  Well, here’s the only real motivation you needed. The most important reason to buy a watch is the utter joy you will get from owning and wearing it. Boom, there it is.
With all that said. Here’s a bunch of watches I picked from our collection to share with you this week, if any of them pique your interest do get in touch.

Cyma - British Military Watch - W.W.W. P26584 31584 -
Dirty Dozen - Issued c.1940s

Tudor Prince Oysterdate Submariner - Black Dial -
Snowflake Hands - Ref.9411/0

Omega Ranchero 30 - Reference 2990-1 - Manufactured 1958

c.1984 Rolex Oysterdate Precision - Stainless Steel Ref. 6694 - Caliber 1225 - On a Great Oyster Bracelet

Patek Philippe - Ellipse 18K Gold - Unisex Watch With ‘Hobnail’ Bezel and Integral ‘Hobnail’ Bracelet - Ref 3931/010 - c. 1989.

 Here's some more picks I just couldn't resist

Omega Constellation Marine Mega Quartz Chronometer - Ref. 198.0082

Longines Tank 18K Rose Gold Dress Watch - Salmon Dial c.1942

Jesby Automatic Divers' Watch - Heuer Monnin 844 case 

Dior Christal Ladies Diamond and Mother of Pearl Watch - c.2009

Doxa Automatic Sub 300T 'Sharkhunter' - Professional Divers' Watch 

Rolex - 1950s Gold Dress Watch - 9k Gold Dennison Case 

This is just a snippet of the watches available from the experts at Vintage Watch Specialist, a trusted and long-established company based in Yorkshire with a discerning base of return clientele. Whether you have seen something you love in this list or would like to explore further, you can click here to see all of our currently listed watches - alternatively, contact the friendly team at VWS for expert advice and excellent service including sourcing a specific watch if you cannot see what you are looking for. 

Follow us on Insta for the most up to date wrist rolls and reels of our latest acquisitions. 


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