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Service and Repairs

Fine watches, like any mechanical device, require periodic maintenance in order to maintain working order. Here at Vintage Watch Specialist, we gladly arrange repairs, replacement parts and service work for customers, dealers and jewellers alike. Any work carried out then comes with a 12-month warranty from the date of work. For a free estimate, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your brief in more detail.

For our list of regular services, please see the price list below. For a bespoke service, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to accommodate. N.b. all prices quoted are non-inclusive of parts and postage.                                                

 Service of watches


from £45.00 

Quartz with date

from £50.00 

Mechanical movement (without date)

from £65.00

Mechanical movement (with date)

from £75.00

Automatic movement (without date)

from £85.00

Automatic movement (with date)

from £95.00


From £185.00


on estimate


on estimate

Tag Heuer

on estimate

Pocket watches

from £90.00

For your peace of mind: the 5-stage VWS service explained

  1. Each watch is fully disassembled and set into special wire baskets. The baskets are then run through a 4-step clean/rinse/rinse/dry cycle in a specialist-cleaning machine.
  2. After cleaning, each part is inspected for wear and the movement is carefully re-assembled with worn parts replaced.
  3. After assembly and lubrication, the movement is checked for amplitude, beat and timing. Adjustments are made as needed and the movement is then cased.
  4. After casing, all water resistant and waterproof watches are checked to factory standards. Defective gaskets and crowns are replaced and the watch is re-tested until it passes.
  5. The final test is on the Cyclo tester, which simulates the movement of your wrist. This confirms the function of the auto-wind mechanism for automatic watches and is a double check on positional error for all watches.