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After many years as a hobbyist watch collector, I decided to share my passion and founded Vintage Watch Specialist as a site to trade occasionally unusual and, most importantly, the best examples of collectable and modern watches we can find.

We are trying to keep this site simple and concise in order to enhance your experience and match you with the watch of your dreams. Unlike many other sites out there, we aim to incorporate a wide variety of brands, styles and eras to suit all budgets. From vintage military classics which saw WWI-action to cutting edge modern Omega sports watches and everything in between, Vintage Watch Specialist will have the watch to suit. 

I remember over 30 years ago when I first started collecting - budgets were very tight, and so I looked for more affordable watches until it got to a point where my urge to buy a beautiful timepiece became irresistible! Here at Vintage Watch Specialist, we want to help you achieve that same satisfaction, safe in the knowledge that you have the support of fellow enthusiasts and can buy, sell or part-exchange your watch here with confidence. We aren’t "snobby" about the brands we sell and are ready and willing to take in part exchange. 

I fully appreciate that there are many people out there who are just getting into vintage wrist watches and don't yet either have the confidence, or possibly the budget, to buy what they ultimately want. We at VWS are here to help the novice collector get on the first rung of the ladder, whilst also catering to a well-collected crowd with some remarkable classic and unique timepieces.

I have been in business for many years now and I know that customer service and satisfaction are paramount: you cannot beat repeat custom. I want our customers get to know one another as well as fellow collectors & enthusiasts, so they can all share our passion. I hope you enjoy visiting our site and that you find something that you will buy. If not this time, please don't be disheartened: either send us an email or phone us and have a chat with us about what it is specifically you want us to find for you- I'm happy to talk, particularly about watches, at any time! is the primary trading name of Vintage Watch Specialist (VWS & SW) Ltd. VWS has been trading since 2012 and became incorporated as a limited entity in June 2022. 


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Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Javid Butt

Owner, Vintage Watch Specialist