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Father's Day Gift Guide - Last Minute Gifts

Posted on June 14 2021

Father's Day Gift Guide - Last Minute Gifts

It’s that time of year again! Father’s Day is all but a week away, and as always, the gift of a timepiece is a lifelong, considered choice. 

As well as telling the time, a beautiful watch shows respect for time, which is possibly the reason they make such appealing gifts. You know the tradition of companies awarding long-time employees watches as thanks for their service? Or parents presenting a watch as a graduation gift?  It’s a thank you, or congratulations, for time hard spent.

So, come this Father’s Day (20th June), think about all the time your dad has spent on you, the patience he lavished on teaching you to drive, the help he offered with your first house or the time he picked you up at 3am in his pyjamas when you missed the last bus home.  A beautiful watch, chosen especially for him, is a wonderful way to say thank you.

Of course, the world of watches is huge, in fact there are possibly as many options as there are dads. From sporty dad, to action dad, dressed up dad to blinged up, bad ass dad, understated, to all out diamond encrusted dad, we have the watch for you. 


Vintage Omega Constellation Steel and Gold Capped Dress Watch - Model 168.005 - c.1966

Budget - Low    Watch Style - Vintage Dress

The history of the Constellation line is very rich, it's one of Omega's oldest collections. The name stems from Omegas chronometre observatory based testing - observatory testing typically lasted for one to two months and contained accuracy tests that were possibly more taxing than modern-day methods. An outstanding example of this classic model, the satin ivory dial is set off exquisitely by the gold baton hour markers. The 'dog leg' lugs compliment the dial with their unusual shape, beating inside the steel case is the caliber 561 movement, a well-respected workhorse of a movement from Omega. Keep dad looking dapper with this superb vintage from the iconic Omega bloodline. 

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Hamilton - British Army Issued Wristwatch with W10-6645-99 Markings, and Issue Date 1973

Budget - Low    Watch Style - Military

This 1973, issued watch was one of the last mechanically wound military watches and the design hadn’t changed much since WW2. The monocoque case was designed for strength and the simplistic dial for clarity, the size is substantial enough for modern everyday wear. If your dad is into his history, this is a stylish watch with a story to tell. 

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Hamilton Geneve - 6BB RAF - An Issued Watch
From 1975 - Ref: 6BB/523-8290

Budget - Medium    Watch Style - Military

This particular Hamilton Genève is an English, Royal Air Force issued '6BB' from 1975, with the correct Genève marked dial and is one of approximately only 700 issued in that year making it particularly sought after and so much rarer than the only other production year for these particular references, which was 1974, which in comparison, approximately 3700 were supplied! The ‘T’ marking on the dial refers to tritium, the original 1970s material used to make dials luminescent, a mark that guarantees originality. This rare piece of military history is a real treat, perfect for everyday wear and bound to bring a smile to his face this Father's Day. 

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Oversized Trench Watch - Sterile Dial -
Articulated Lugs -Nickel Plated Case

Budget - Low    Watch Style - Military

When World War I began in 1914, timekeeping for soldiers in the field was a problem. Whilst communications and attack synchronisation were vital, in the chaos of the battlefield, celerity was essential yet near on impossible when it meant digging around for a pocket watch and opening it with gloved hands.  In a life or death situation, where a single second could make the difference, clearly, an alternative was imperative. So from the muddy trenches in the battlefields of the first world war, the very first wristwatches came to be. If you love the idea of a watch steeped in history but hanker after a more contemporary sized piece, this is the watch for you. A comfortable and stylish wear, knock dads socks off with this stylish survivor of world war.  

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 Smiths W10/6645-99-961-4045 - British Army
Issued Wristwatch - Issued 1968

Budget - Medium    Watch Style - Military

Perfectly proportioned and ideal for daily wear, at 35mm, this Smiths W10 wristwatch was manufactured for the British army and issued in 1968.  A fine example of British watchmaking, the piece was well suited for military action; in fact, rigorous testing was carried out on the model at laboratories of the Chronometer branch of the Hydrographer of the Navy at Herstmonceux, East Sussex, along with extensive field tests in both the Tropics and the Arctic! The watch has a robust stainless steel case and powerful, shockproof caliber 60466E manual movement with 17 jewels and hacking seconds, operated via the crown. 

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Cyma - British Military Watch - W.W.W. P26584 31584 -
Dirty Dozen - Issued c.1940s

Budget - Medium    Watch Style - Military

In the closing years of World War II, a basic but carefully specified model wristwatch was commissioned to members of the British armed forces by the Ministry of Defence - manufactured by one of twelve watchmakers who delivered 20,000 of these Cymas to the MoD in 1944 and 1945.

These manufacturers (Buren, Cyma, Eterna, Grana, JLC, Lemania, Longines, IWC, Omega, Record, Timor, and Vertex) later came to be known as ‘The Dirty Dozen’ in the mid-1960s, after the release of the popular war film of the same name. 

The piece offered for sale here was made by ‘Cyma’ and features a stepped bezel, which makes the watch look bigger overall. The watch is a stunning and highly unusual example of the type, as the dial is one of the rare few that have matured from a matte black finish to a richer tropical look that will likely go brown with age. 

A 'Dirty Dozen' watch is a magnificent gift, whether dad is a seasoned collector or simply an enthusiast, presenting him with this will render him utterly speechless. 

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Zenith El Primero - A Triple Calendar and
Moonphase with Chronograph

Budget - HIgh    Watch Style - Vintage Dress

Established in 1865, Zenith is one of the longest established watchmakers in the world and one of the few that still produce their own mechanical movements. In 1969 Zenith produced one of if not the world’s first automatic chronograph, the El Primero. This movement was the masterstroke for Zenith, so much so that 20 years later, when Rolex was looking for a more advanced movement for their chronograph Daytona, the El Primero was chosen. 

This limited edition model, number 23 of only 250 ever made - the stunning dial is signed as such - was released to coincide with the celebration of the 700th Anniversary of the Swiss Confederation in 1991. The watch boasts 7 functions: 1. Chronograph accurate to 0.10 sec, 2. Day, 3. Date, 4. Month, 5. Quickset, 6. Moonphase, 7. Self-Winding movement.

This incredibly rare watch is undeniably beautiful and will be a cherished gift and heirloom. 

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Can't get enough? Check out these top picks from
the latest additions to our website;

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Omega www British Army Watch - Dirty Dozen 

This is just a snippet of the watches available from the experts at Vintage Watch Specialist, a trusted and long established company based in Yorkshire with a discerning base of return clientele. Whether you have seen something you love in this list, or would like to explore further, you can click here to see all of our currently listed watches - alternatively contact the friendly team at VWS for expert advice and excellent service including sourcing a specific watch if you cannot see what you are looking for. 

Whatever timepiece you choose for your dad this Father's Day, the most important thing to him is that it comes from you.

Drop us a line or better still, call us for a friendly chat if any of these have left you drooling or scratching your head. Always happy to help. 

Enjoy your weekend! 
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Whether you are looking for something specific, or you are completely clueless, we are always on hand to offer expert advice. Make Father’s Day extra special this year by treating him to a beautiful gift that will be treasured for years to come.


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