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Vintage. Military. Modern.

Posted on July 29 2022

Vintage. Military. Modern.

Can you believe the UK has been experiencing a 'heatwave' for the last week or so?

Yes, the 'Dog Days' have caused chaos in the UK, from melting runways to power cuts and cancelled flights, alas, the same internet-based drama plagues us through the winter months after a sprinkling of snow...

I think we Brits can be considered a bunch of drama queens quite frankly.


Still, here we are in the middle of the summer, having 'survived' the soaring temperatures, (honestly, you wouldn't think we all deliberately book holidays to destinations with these temperatures every year) and we have another tremendous selection of watches to tickle your tastebuds.

As the title would suggest, it's a mixed bag with modern and vintage offerings, but for you military lovers, we are Dirty Dozen heavy after acquiring a full set from one of our esteemed clients who was ready to part with them. It's nice to see them back, most of them were originally bought from us - well, we do pride ourselves in our expert sourcing of the very best examples, it's absolutely our passion! See our full collection of Dirty Dozen watches here.


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