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This One Is For The Military Lovers - Vintage Watches For Spring

Posted on April 29 2022

This One Is For The Military Lovers - Vintage Watches For Spring

The weather is looking up here in the UK and we are all looking forward to enjoying a bit of sunshine this summer, the first in a while where we can enjoy a little normality and the freedom to travel again - a past time a lot of the watches on today's list have enjoyed over the years.

We are heavy on military watches today and all of them have a story to tell. From the famous 'Dirty Dozen' family, we have a stunning Longines example we bought from the soldier's own family who have provided us with information and photographs to accompany the watch, and not one but two of the Omega models - one of which we also acquired from the soldier's own family also with photos - fantastic provenance!

We also have a wonderful WW2 dashboard clock, and a Post-WWII Airforce Chronometer Pilot's watch from IWC, both of which will have traveled the skies extensively. That's the thing about vintage watches, they all have a past, and part of the joy of owning and wearing them is that you become part of that tapestry. 

If you are a military collector or enthusiast, then this is your lucky week, get the kettle on and dive into this magpies nest, you might just find your new summer watch! 

Longines - WWW Issued Military Dirty Dozen Watch - Cal-12.68Z - Circa.1944

Omega Wristwatch - WWW Dirty Dozen - Military Issued Watch - c.1940s

Omega - Dirty Dozen WWW - World War II Military Soldiers Wrist Watch - circa.1940s

Omega Military Style Dress Watch - c.1940s
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A Vintage Silver Trench Style Watch with Breguet Style Numerals - c.1930
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Smiths Astral - 20 ATM Divers Wristwatch - Caliber 60467e - c.1960s
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Smiths - 8 Day Military Dashboard Clock Mark II - Dated 1939

Hamilton - A British Military RAF Issued - 6B-9101000 - H 1813 M - Mark XI Watch

International Watch Company - A Vintage c.1952 - Mark XI R.A.F. 6B/346 Military Pilot Watch


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