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This week at VWS - Monday 3rd August 2020

Posted on August 03 2020

It was a typically busy week here at VWS, with a few funky turns and twists here and there. We were really excited to get our hands on all three iterations of the Omega Flightmaster earlier this week! We’ve listed all three on the site for sale now, but if you’re looking for a nerdy read about the specific differences between all three, we’ve done our homework for our latest blog roundup. We’ve been busy drooling over watches this week, then usually photographing and writing about them to put on the website, so we’ve done a quick round-up and rundown of what’s up for sale this week below.  

Omega Flightmaster Chronograph GMT

All three references for sale: 145.013, 145.026, 145.036

The first model of the Flightmaster (145.013) is often simply referred to as the ‘910’; it was the only reference of the three to house a Caliber 910 movement, originally based on the Omega 860 movement, in turn based on the Lemania 1873. Often seen as the ‘original’ Flightmaster, it stood out from the other two iterations in terms of its looks too: most notably on the dial with its green/black 24hr AM/PM indicator at 9:00. Our 145.013 ‘910’ has aged beautifully, look at that tropical dial!


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Hamilton W10 c.1975 British Military Issue - RAF

New old stock condition

A stunning testament to just how good military issued watches can look. Especially true where the watch is close to unworn condition as this piece is. A British Army issue piece from the 1970s, the Hamilton W10 has been sought after for its timeless looks since; brushed, sharp tonneau case, jet black vivid dial with yellow and white highlights, and just the right amount of military decal. The watch has a useful, military-oriented, ‘hacking’ function, whereby the seconds hand stops completely when the crown is extended so as to allow for time synchronisation between watches to the second. CWC and Smiths Watches also manufactured similar pieces for the RAF, Royal Navy and British Army, bearing the references ‘6BB’, ‘0552’ and W10 respectively.

Rolex 5508 ‘James Bond’ Submariner – c.1959


A rare and highly-prized piece of watchmaking history, this vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner wristwatch (Rolex reference, 5508) dates all the way back to 1959.

Three years later, Sean Connery would wear a close sibling of this Submariner (ref. 6538) as James Bond in ‘Dr No’ - the very first Bond film ever made. This earned the watch its ‘James Bond’ nickname and Connery was also seen wearing a Submariner in subsequent instillments (including ‘Thunderball’ and ‘From Russia with Love’), forever linking the model with the iconic British spy.

Timor c.1944 ‘Dirty Dozen’ – WWW British Military Issue

Omega c.1944 ‘Dirty Dozen’ – WWW British Military Issue


Not the only Dirty Dozen watch to pass through our hands this week but admittedly one of the finest we’ve seen, this Timor has a beautifully aged dial. The sub-seconds register at 6:00 is immaculate and bright, matched by the hands and subtle Timor brand font. If that was special for you, shift your eyes downwards. Omega’s Dirty Dozens can go one of two ways with regard to age: greyed out and blotched or a tropical golden patina, as is the case here. The contrast between the black and white is beautifully accentuated by deep pumpkin tones in the lume fills. Stunning examples of this highly collectable, historically rich wear.


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