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Girard-Perregaux Watches

“The Maison Girard-Perregaux has just celebrated the 225th anniversary of its founding, and we regard this fabulous heritage as a duty. A duty to continue on the path traced by our predecessors, who made innovation one of the brand signatures. A duty to develop and offer watches that will become icons, as it has been the case for many Girard-Perregaux models since the inception of the Manufacture. And finally, the duty to perpetuate a style, a desire, a memory, a boldness and a quality that have forged the brand’s reputation across the decades. We are fond of saying that there is no mystery about a Girard-Perregaux, simply more than two centuries of craftsmanship and a perpetual commitment to perfection. This has been the case since 1791 and the current Girard-Perregaux models are the custodians of this legacy. Such is our solemn responsibility.”

Antonio Calce

Chief Executive Officer


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