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Rolex 'Bubble Back' Super Precision Automatic - Ref. 2764 - Cal. 620N - c.1940s


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Super Precision - Automatic 'Bubble Back' - c.1940s Model Reference 2764 - Calibre 620N. 

The Bubbleback was launched in 1933 and featured the first auto-rotor. Rolex was not the first to create the automatic movement, but this watch does signify the company’s success in developing a self-winding movement. Rolex created the auto-rotor movement from the Aegler movement in Hunter watches that featured a “perpetual motion” winding mass. Rolex patented its first successful perpetually self-winding wristwatch in 1932 and introduced the Bubbleback one year later. 

Despite the ubiquitous name, Rolex never engraved “Bubbleback” anywhere on the watch or officially recognized the name. However, the thick auto-rotor required a fatter case, and the decision was made to move the case out in the back rather than make the watch larger overall. The first Bubbleback model was a reference 1858, powered by a Reference 520 movement. Early Bubblebacks featured a three-piece case. However, in 1936, Rolex introduced a two-piece case with models 3131 and 3132. 

What's on offer

The present example, a ref 2764 provides an exciting opportunity to acquire one of the most desirable and collectable Rolex models in recent history. Featuring Arabic indices and blued sword hands, this Bubbleback remains in remarkable condition with unpolished stainless steel case and the presence of a fabulous crown that really captivates the eye. Despite its rather compact diameter of 32mm, the "Bubbleback" has a masculine presence on the wrist and offers the same satisfaction that larger and more costly collector’s watches are known for. What really makes the present example even more special is the WAB (Watch Accessories Birmingham) straight end rivet bracelet which in itself is highly sought after and rounds of a serious collector’s piece as they fit several rare Rolex references of watch!

Additional information

Made from

Case: Stainless steel (Oystersteel)

Dial: Tropical Patina, sub-seconds at 6:00.

Crystal: Plexiglass.

Bracelet: WAB stainless steel straight end stretch rivet.

Technical specifications

Winding: Automatic.

Calibre: 620N

Power reserve: 41 hours

Purchase details

Condition: Excellent.

Model Reference Number: 2764

Date of issue: c.1940s


12-month VWS warranty.


Width: 32mm

Lug width: 17mm

Wrist size: Adjustable via link removal.