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Vintage Dress Watches For Sale At Vintage Watch Specialist

Who doesn't love a classic vintage dress watch?

The ultimate in style and sophistication, a vintage dress watch will see you through all manner of occasions from a casual lunch with friends to formal black tie events and other splendid occasions. 

In fact, in this modern day, dress watches are perfectly acceptable as everyday wearers and are often teamed with casual attire - it's simply a sign of the times and doing away with such formalities has rejuvenated the dress watch's popularity with many people opting for less ostentatious timepieces.  

Dress watches are generally slimmer and more subtle than sports or tool watches, they tend to be elegant and understated in terms of size but can of course be rather opulent when it comes to precious metals and stones. 

We carefully select the best examples in excellent and original vintage condition and are proud to offer a large selection of brands including Omega, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Longines and many more.

For a touch of class on a special occasion or an elegant everyday wearer, Vintage Watch Specialist stocks a stunning selection of dress watches from a whole host of prestigious watchhouses, both vintage and retro pieces. You'll find our range of dress watches below, and remember to check out our wider selection too.

If you have a piece in mind which doesn't feature below, or indeed a similar piece to sell, please get in touch with us and we'll endeavour to find it for you.

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