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Oversized Trench Watch - Sterile Dial - Articulated Lugs - Nickel Plated Case

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c.1916, A Sterile Enamel Dial, WW1 Trench Watch with Radium Arabic Numerals and Articulated Lugs - An Oversized 38mm Case.


When World War I began in 1914, timekeeping for soldiers in the field was a problem. Whilst communications and attack synchronisation were vital, in the chaos of the battlefield, celerity was essential yet near on impossible when it meant digging around for a pocket watch and opening it with gloved hands. 

In a life or death situation, where a single second could make the difference, clearly, an alternative was imperative. So from the muddy trenches in the battlefields of the first world war, the very first wristwatches came to be. 

What’s On Offer 

This oversized trench watch is in excellent condition and full running order (recently serviced by our watchmaker) - rather extraordinary considering its age. If you love the idea of a watch steeped in history but hanker after a more contemporary sized piece, this is the watch for you as the dial is a substantial 38mm in diameter. The articulated lugs are a real talking point and showcase the unusual size perfectly, but also make the watch so much more comfortable to wear!

The original radium lume in the Arabic numerals and cathedral hands has taken on an alluring patina which is sure to become even more appealing as time applies its mastery.  

Additional information

Made from

Case: Nickel

Dial: Enamel

Crystal: Plexi

Bracelet: Vintage NOS Leather

Technical specifications

Winding: Manual

Movement Type: Mechanical Hand Wound

Calibre: Unknown

Jewels: Unknown

Waterproof: No

Power reserve: Unknown

Purchase details

Condition: Excellent 9.5/10

Model Reference Number: WW1 Trench Watch

Date of issue: c.1916

Guarantee: 6 months by VWS


Width: 38mm

Lug width: 12.5mm

Lug height: (lug to lug) 51.5mm

Wrist size:  Adjustable