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c.1944 - Record - WWW 'Dirty Dozen' - WWII British Army-Issued Military Watch

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c.1944 Record WWW ‘Dirty Dozen’ World War II Military Wrist Watch

Known as the “Dirty Dozen” these famous watches were the first purpose built military watches ever made. Delivered between 1944 & 1945, the “Dozen” comprised of 12 manufactures who produced around 150,000 watches for the war effort. Also known as WWW watches which stands simply for “Watch Wrist Waterproof”, these watches were built for action and to stand the vigour’s of war and the “Dozen” certainly did the job. The 12 companies comprised of Buren, Cyma, Eterna, Grana, JLC, Lemania, Longines, IWC, Omega, Record, Timor and Vertex with rumours there were in fact 13 and the 13th company being Enicar but due to apparently Enicar were also supplying the enemy, they were briskly dropped from the contract. No examples have yet appeared from Enicar.

Of the circa 150,000 pieces made, around 25,000 were made by Record which makes them joint top with Omega for the largest quantity made. Featuring sword hands, 36.5mm chrome topped case and 022K calibre beating inside, the Record represents a classic military appearance which has been copied ever since. The sub seconds dial ensure maximum legibility when on the battle field and the iconic broad arrow marks property of the crown. These watches were meant to have been returned at the end of service but like many pieces of equipment used during the war, many soldiers chose to take some pieces home as a memento of a historic event that they were a part of. Occasionally the soldiers would paint over the broad arrow on the dial to make the watch appear as though it hadn’t been property of the crown.

Whats on offer

The present watch is a lovely example with the case showing nice patina which no doubt has taken years to have gained and will have been aided during battle which further enhances the watches appeal. The lume has taken on a fluffy appeal and the Arabic indices remain highly legible and sharp. The dial is a deep black colour and appears to be starting to turn slightly tropical which is in demand in itself as the dial will likely take on a rich chocolate tone and will look even more wonderful. The crown sits unprotected at 3 o’clock and although it's not intended, really compliments the proportions of the case. A fantastic opportunity to add a nice “Dirty Dozen” example to anyone’s collection. 

Recently serviced by renowned military watchmaker John Senior so you know it's right! 

Additional information

Made from

Case: stainless steel 

Case back: Screw on. 

Dial: Black, with tobacco coloured lume.

Crystal: Shatter-proof plexi. 

Bracelet: NATO military-style.

Technical specifications

Winding: Manually wound. 

Movement type: Mechanical.

Calibre: 022K

Jewels: 15

Waterproof: When new!

Purchase details

Condition: Excellent unpolished condition with crisp case edges. 

Model Reference: WWW. 

Date of issue: Circa 1944. 


Supplied with a 12-month Vintage Watch Specialist guarantee. 


Width: 36.5mm.

Lug width: 18mm.

Wrist size: Adjustable.