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c.1944 - Record - WWW 'Dirty Dozen' - NATO Dial WWII British Army-Issued Military Watch

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c.1944 Record WWW ‘Dirty Dozen’ World War II Military Wrist Watch with NATO dial.


Founded in 1903 by a group with the purpose to acquire and realise the patent of the Sector Watch, a triangular pocket watch with retrograde display. In 1916 Record merged with several companies under the name Record Dreadnought Watch Co. S.A., with a broad collection of all kinds of clocks, watches, and movements. However in 1949 the original name Record Watch Co. S.A. was registered again. Longines in 1961 bought the majority interest in Record. The brand Record continued - on some watches as Longines-Record. Some Record calibres were renamed as Longines calibres but in 1991 Record was no longer in the market until 2020 where the brand is active again with the plans to reissue classic models and new pieces sporting the Record name once again.

What's on offer

The watch on offer here is even rarer due to the NATO dial. These dials replaced by the R.E.M.E (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) are known as either MoD or NATO dials, depending on the dial inscriptions and period, inadvertently giving way to a whole host of variances within the dozen. Remember, at the time, it wasn’t about originality and collectability but about function. That, coupled with the lack of record keeping, it is only through compiling and documenting the existing watches that collectors are able to determine what is deemed to be original. Although collectors often prefer originality, the present watch featuring the NATO dial adds an additional rarity to the Record. Record manufactured circa 25,000 wristwatches which makes them joint top with Omega, who produced the same number, for the biggest quantity produced for the war effort.

The 36.5mm case wears generously on ones wrist which is assisted by the concave smooth bezel and chunky lugs which is a signature of all of the “Dozen”. The seconds sub dial interestingly doesn’t feature the outer chapter ring which further separates this dial from the majority of the other branded dial pieces. Ever present is the broad arrow and signature Record, sword hands along with the circled “T” which is to indicate the presence of tritium paint on the luminous applications on the dial. The case has all of the classic engravings one would come to expect and the Arabic indices are wonderfully intact and legible which finishes off the watch in superb fashion. Teamed with a NATO style strap, this particular pieces makes for a special addition to any collection but is even rarer and more special with the NATO dial.

Additional information

Made from

Case: stainless steel 

Case back: Screw on. 

Dial: Black, with tobacco coloured lume.

Crystal: Shatter-proof plexi. 

Bracelet: NATO military-style.

Technical specifications

Winding: Manually wound. 

Movement type: Mechanical.

Calibre: 022K

Jewels: 15

Waterproof: When new!

Purchase details

Condition: Excellent unpolished condition with crisp case edges. 

Model Reference: WWW. 

Date of issue: Circa 1944. 


Supplied with a 12-month Vintage Watch Specialist guarantee. 


Width: 36.5mm.

Lug width: 18mm.

Wrist size: Adjustable.