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ATPs - The Full Set

vws1334-1354, vws1357

A truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase an entire set of WWII Military-Issued 'Army Trade Pattern (ATP)' watches. This bundle collection comprises of 22 watches here, including some extras for spares or repair. Each and every single one of the ATP set in one place. We've done our research, and have good reason to believe that this is a world first.

We've been dying to break news of this for some time now, and are finally proud to announce that we're putting up all of the 'ATP' WWII British Military watches for sale. This is a limited offer which we will only run for two weeks, after which point the collection will be split up for individual sale. 

If you would like further individual photographs of any of the ATP watches pictured here, please get in touch. Naturally, we can also give more detailed condition reports of each watch, spare parts pieces and model variants over phone or email.

So what do we know about the ATP – watches?

The ATP watches are considered true British Military watches, made available at the beginning of the Second World War by an MoD (Ministry of Defence) agreement with 16 Swiss watch manufacturers, dating from 1939. Of these 16, Timor, Ebel, Lemania and Revue each made two variants, often denoted by a small variation in the dial, case back or movement. Consequently, we have for sale here all 20 variations from all 16 manufacturers, with two duplicates of the Moeris and the Revue Cal.57 ATPs included as well, bringing the total for sale here to 22 watches and 25 including the spares!


  • CYMA
  • EBEL - Screw Back case
  • EBEL - Push through case
  • FONT
  • LEMANIA - Sub Seconds 
  • LEMANIA - Central seconds x2 (one to be used for spares)
  • MOERIS x2 (One to be used for potential spares repair)
  • REVUE ­ - Cal 57 x2 (both in great condition)
  • REVUE - Cal 59 (spare watch head to be used for spares/repairs)
  • ROTARY x2 (One to be used for potential spares/repair)
  • TIMOR - Scalloped case back
  • TIMOR - Slotted case back

    MWR Forum user and renowned ATP enthusiast 'Bobsy' has compiled a list of sales online of these watches between 2014-2018 and found the following list of sales, demonstrating the rarity of some of these pieces. The Reconvilier in particular has been termed a 'grail watch' for its limited availability, as has the lesser-seen Revue 59. For more on the ATP range, see these excellent blog pieces here and here (click).

    (The) Official MoD Catalogue number for ATP wristwatches was: VC.7471.
    (The) General Description of the ATP wristwatch from the specification was as follows:

    • Screw back, round waterproof case in stainless steel or nickel chrome, with fixed lug bars. Based on this the housings finally had an outer diameter of 29mm – 33mm
    • Swiss manual wind, 10.5 - 12 Ligne, 15 jewelled lever movements without shock protection
    • Timed +/ - 30 seconds per day in 4 positions with offset seconds.
    • Round silver/white dial with luminous hour markers and luminous hands, a few watches were supplied with black dials

    At the beginning of the Second World War, the ATP watch was then issued to soldiers. As far as we know today, a total of 16 Swiss watch manufacturers actually made deliveries to the MoD under the above-mentioned contract. Some of these manufacturers made two variants of the watches, which we have naturally, sourced: this totalled 4 extra variants of watch, bringing the total to 20 watches. With some of the watches, we will include a spare with the complete watch for you to use for spares or for you to have repaired.


    ATP (Army Trade Pattern) watches are, compared to the Dirty Dozen, mostly in much more worn condition, as these saw a full service in war and not just a part time participation as the W.W.W. ones. But each of them has its own history, its own spirit, its own emotion and its own relationship to its former owner and the uniqueness that comes from them.

    At the 1st of February 1945 a quantity of 133,600 watches has been delivered to the War Office and this at an average price of £3 (!) 

    After the war the watches were meant to be destroyed but many were decommissioned, and some continued in service. The ATP watch was deleted from the stores list by an amendment dated February 3, 1957, when the W10 watch designation was introduced. 


    Of course, the concept of "rarity", especially with regard to watches, underlies a subjective consideration and is definitely always "in the eye of the beholder". With regard to the ATP - watches, data in the order of magnitude of approx. 1000 watches have been collected in collector circles in the last years.

    The Reconvilier has always held an exceptional position as a so-called "Grail - Watch" (similar to the Grana in the W.W.W. watches). But also the Lemania Center Second, the Rotary, the Ebel Calibre 59 and the Cyma - watches are rare and sought after pieces. Only a few complete collections are so far known and there are probably less than half a dozen worldwide existing. We believe that none has ever been for sale in its entirety at any one point.

    Our Offer

    At this point we would like to offer you the unique opportunity to purchase a complete set of the Army Trade Pattern WWII beauties. A unique opportunity that will certainly not be available again so quickly.

    In addition, many of the watches are still equipped with the legendary, original "Bonklip - bracelets" from that time period, which further increases the uniqueness and value of the collection as the Bonklips themselves are now fetching a premium.