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Vertex Watches For Sale

Vertex was founded in 1916 by Mr Claude Lyons in Hatton Gardens and the La Chaux De Fonds region of Switzerland. Claude's son joined the company in 1938 and soon thereafter was called up for duty in the war effort. This was how Vertex became connected with the military and ultimately how the Vertex Dirty Dozen watch came about. The Dirty Dozen is a collection of watches from 12 brands that were produced to strict MoD specifications and were built purposely to withstand the rigours of the battlefield - Vertex contributed 15000 of the 150,000 watches produced collectively by the 12 brands. After the war Vertex continued to manufacture watches for the civilian market but ceased trading in the 1970s due to the Quartz crisis. 

Vertex was resurrected by the great-grandson of Claude, Don Cochrane, and the Vertex M100  - a direct homage to the Dirty Dozen watch - was announced in 2016. The brand continues to trade and produce a range of high-quality timepieces. 

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