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Established in 1923, Timor was founded by Mr. Bernheim and Mr. Luthy in La Chaux-de-Fonds, located in the Jura mountains, Switzerland. By the end of the brand's first year of manufacturing, it was exporting watches throughout Europe with Timor becoming renowned for producing durable, well-made watches.

At the beginning of world war 2, The British Army needed watches for its troops fighting overseas. They acquired watches from many brands under the new Army Trade Pattern or A.T.P. These watches were often civilian watches slightly modified to meet the hurried specification issued by the British Army. Timor was one of the few that built a whole new watch just for the British Army.

During WWII, the British Military issued a new strict specification for the first watch that could endure the rigours of the battlefield. This specification is known as W.W.W. Twelve companies fulfilled this order and became immortalised as the Dirty Dozen.

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