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Frederic Samuel Lipmann, grandson of Emmanuel and son of Ernest was born in Besançon on November 2, 1905. After a chaotic schooling in Paris, he failed the baccalaureate exam in 1922. His father then brought him back to the family cradle and puts him in the watchmaking school of Besançon. After completing his military service, he left for the United States in 1928 on a study tour where he visited the watchmaking factories and assembly plants of the Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles. This trip and his passion for motorsport will influence his vision and methods. In August 1931 he joined the family company. "Genius" for some, "crazy", for others, "Fred" upsets traditions. Under his direction, Lip Sa innovates and becomes the first watchmaker in France. 1954 marks the peak of the company with 1,500 employees, 300,000 watches a year, and in 1960, the Palente factory. But Fred Lipmann cannot adapt to the watchmaking market in full evolution with the arrival of quartz and in February 1971, passes the hand. He will die in Paris on November 9th, 1996.
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