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IWC Mk.X WWW 'Dirty Dozen' MoD Replacement Dial - Original and in Excellent Condition


This IWC 'Dirty Dozen' dial for the Mark X (mark 10) military watches is in great original condition, with no scratches or discolouration visible on the dial, apart from on the luminescent hour plots where they have slightly decayed. The dial feet are also intact and in great condition. It would make a fine replacement to your IWC WWW Dirty Dozen watch with a dial that has not aged well! 

Many of the Dirty Dozens saw their dials replaced by the Ministry of Defence throughout the Second World War, the main difference being that the sub-seconds register at 6:00 is flush to the dial in the MOD replacement dials.

We can also have the dial swapped for you if you wish to make the purchase and then contact us, we can then arrange for our watchmaker to swap the dial out for you at a small additional cost?