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CWC W10 Military Watch - Original Condition - 1980

$1,153.00 USD

A Superb CWC W10 Military Watch Issued in 1980 in Original Condition with Nicely Aged Lume and Original Military Engravings. 

By the late 70s, the previous supplier of watches to the MOD, Hamilton, was struggling due to the Quartz crisis and pulled out of supplying military watches. An enterprising employee of Hamilton (Ray Mellor), recognised there was still a demand from the MoD for these watches and he established CWC (Cabot Watch Company) to meet it, and essentially pick up where Hamilton left off.

Using the same components and Swiss suppliers as Hamilton, CWC began supplying pretty much the same watch as the Hamilton W10 with CWC replacing the Hamilton signature. CWC would go on to become one of the most famous suppliers of British military watches.

What’s On Offer 

This watch is in superb condition, especially given it is well over 40 years old! The dial is still rich black and blemish free and the lume plots on both the hands and the hour plots have aged to a nice pale yellow. The Arabic numerals are sharp and brilliant white and the dial bears the military arrow at 6 o'clock denoting the watch as the property of the MoD. The caseback boasts original military engravings which read W10-5545-99 523-8290 /|\ 0641/80 and the military arrow is also present. This watch is running well and keeping good time and it still looks great on the wrist. A great everyday watch, stylish and comfortable and tough as old boots! Certainly a worthy addition to any collection.  

Made from

Case: Stainless Steel

Dial: Black

Crystal: Plexiglass

Bracelet: NATO Strap

Technical specifications

Winding: Manual

Movement Type: Mechanical

Calibre: 2750 (ETA)

Jewels: 17j

Waterproof: N/A

Power reserve: 50hrs

Purchase details

Condition: Excellent 

Model Reference: W10

Date of issue: 1979

Guarantee: 12 Months by VWS


Width: 35mm

Lug width: 18.5mm

Lug height: (lug to lug) 41mm