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Leather watch protection, storage or travel wallet/pouch/case!

Whether you are wanting to simply keep your watch safe and clean while stored away in the safe or in a drawer, or are going away somewhere on holiday or business and want to take a change of watch but don't want to carry it in something too bulky or indeed heavy like some boxes supplied with new watches and may even just want to carry it on your person, then this is the simple, safe and cost effective solution!

It is simple yet effective just to be able to quickly put a watch in our wallet and then put it in the safe, protecting your watch from marks and any general damage and without having lots of bulky watch boxes filling up your safe, or you could simply put the watch wallet in your pocket or hand baggage and away you go!

We have just taken delivery of our first batch of these quality, luxury black calf leather watch wallets! So we are now taking ORDERS for this item as we anticipate it will be a popular purchase for the decerning watch owners out there and may therefore sell out very quickly, so to avoid dissapointment order now and be the first to take delivery.

We will begin by selling it only in black leather with a contrasting red coloured luxury lining and also with a luxury black coloured lining.

We will then subject to demand and request offer further colour options going forward. We have kept the cost down as low as possible to make it an affordable gift/item for all.

Whether your watch is worth £100 or £100,000 it deserves to be looked after in the same way! We are also conscious that collectors out there may want several wallets to keep there most regularly worn watches in.

These cases are literally almost like a wallet and can be put in a trouser or jacket pocket without it spoiling the look of your clothing or being overly bulky.

Any further question or if you would like to buy multiple items then please feel free to email us at any time and we can offer a discount for multiple purchases.