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Tissot Seastar Quartz - Gold and steel bracelet


Tissot are known for making handsome-looking, minimal designs affordable and reliable, embodied well in this fine quartz piece. The bracelet is exceptionally well made, leaving little room for play between links and hence making for a comfortable and stylish metallic dress watch wear. Thanks to the thinner movement, the watch sits thin to the wrist, though with the chunkier bezel, the weight of the watch is well balanced. 

The lightly silvered dial reflects nicely in the light, its reflection disrupted only by the raised hour batons and the date eye at 3:00. The crown does not currently work to set the watch, and so this will need a service, but this is reflected in the price. We can have the watch serviced upon sale, should you wish. N.b. there is also a crack in the glass, clearly visible in photos. A replacement plexiglass is not costly, so don't let this dissuade you too much.