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Omega 1035 bracelet with date stamp 4/71, in very good condition. The bracelet has 3 spring links on each side and measures 15.5 cm not including any end links and all links are working perfectly.

This is a great gents 1035 vintage Speedmaster/Seamaster stretch bracelet dating to the first quarter of 1971. The strap is in good used condition and comes with complete fastening clasp which is correctly signed.

The all important stretch links are in very good order, retaining there spring tension and working just as they should. The clasp is tight and cosmetically, the bracelet has light surface wear but is not stretched out as some are. The only negative is that there are, as you will see from the photographs, some hand (DIY) engraving of what look like telephone numbers and the word "pub" and then etching out of what we presume must have been an old number? These engravings do not appear deep and will likely polish out but all apart from one set of numbers cannot be seen when the clasp is closed and the one that can be seen opposite the Omega mark on the clasp are the faintest ones in any event. To find a 1035 stretch bracelet in such condition even taking account of the markings is getting harder.

The bracelet is the same as the 1039 but for 18mm lugs. Unfortunately there are no end pieces.

The clasp is marked 1035, No 13, with the date 4/71 .