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A fantastic vintage Heuer (pre Tag Heuer) stopwatch.

During the 70's Heuer sold many economy stopwatches like this Trackmaster and the Trackstar. These usually have a simpler movement! Pinlever movements can be very accurate and durable and are much cheaper to produce. Still they are very reliable (regulation tolerance +- 1,5 sec. per hour).

So this is actually a sport, economy model, to be distinguished from the 'professional' stopwatches for industry and science etc. which have precision anchor movements (caliber 7700 series with high frequency 36000 bph, with a regulation tolerance of 0,5 seconds per hour).

In the long run these are better, as they can be serviced, where-as like this pinlever movement model is rather meant as a disposable item, so usually no serious watchmaker likes to service them. These two factors have meant that very few of these fabulous and fun timers in their brightly coloured cases have survived today or indeed if they have then they are rarely found in this fabulous almost new condition let alone in their original packaging box!

The Trackmaster was launched ca. 1969, and sold well in the '70s, they were still selling them in the 1980's.

This particular one, as, hopefully you will see from our photographs is almost in like, "new, old stock" condition. Still winding and running very, very, well.

Buy yourself a fantastic fun piece of in-expensive Horological history as we don't think we will come across many like this ever again!

My wife uses one all the time whilst in the gym (but not in this condition) and we have one other to go in our "bargain corner" over the next few days that needs repairing.

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