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Hamilton Geneve - 6BB RAF - An Issued Watch From 1975 - Ref: 6BB/523-8290

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Limited Production and Rare! Hamilton Geneve 6BB Military Watch Issued 1975 to the British Royal Air Force - Caseback Ref 6BB/523-8290 - Tonneau Shaped Case - Fixed Lug Bars

By the 1970s the British military was back under some financial pressure, not least due to the ailing UK economy of the day. Smiths watch production was nearing the end of its days, and a new company, Hamilton began producing the W10 that was to succeed the Smiths version and was issued from 1973 to 1976. This watch was manual winding with a Hamilton caliber 649 movement, which was a rebadged ETA 2750 movement, with hack seconds, and in a suitably 1970s tonneau-shaped case. The case was also of a monocoque design and construction, which increased water resistance, and the movement could only be accessed by removing the glass!

This particular Hamilton Genève is an English, Royal Air Force issued '6BB' from 1975, with the correct Genève marked dial and is one of approximately only 700 issued in that year making it particularly sought after and so much rarer than the only other production year for these particular references, which was 1974, which in comparison, approximately 3700 were supplied! 

The ‘T’ marking on the dial refers to tritium, the original 1970s material used to make dials luminescent, a mark that guarantees originality. 

These variously marked military Hamiltons were produced between 1973 and 1976. For this to have survived so long in this condition is extremely rare; this is a true gem. The watch succeeded the earlier Smiths production piece and preceded the CWC production pieces.

What’s On Offer 

The dial is in the completely original condition right the way down to the tritium hour plots which are remarkably intact. Perfect condition sword hands, hour plots, tracking ring, and Broad Arrow denotation all typical of military pieces. 

The case too is in new old stock condition, these watches were never sold with a box of their own (as is the case for all Ministry of Defence issued pieces). With fixed lug bars also typical of military pieces. 

Additional information

Made from

Stainless steel



NATO style

Technical specifications


Movement Type:
Mechanical hand wound

 (649) Base ETA 2750 

: 17

When new

Power reserve:

Purchase details

Condition: Excellent

Model Reference Number:

Date of issue: 1975

VWS 12 months 



Lug width:

Lug height: (lug to lug)

Wrist size: