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Balma Yachting Timer - Excellent Condition - c.1970

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A Nice Balma Yachting Timer in Excellent Condition, Fully Functional, Presented in a Stainless Steel Case, c.1970

In a sport where every second counts, yachting timers play an essential role in ensuring fairness and accuracy on the racecourse. These timers serve as the official timekeepers, providing crucial information for both sailors and race officials. 

One of the primary reasons why precision timing is vital in sailing competitions is to ensure fair competition among all participants. Races are often won or lost by mere fractions of a second, and accurate timing is crucial in determining the winner. Yachting timers allow for precise measurements, eliminating any doubts or disputes about the outcome of a race.

What's on Offer

This Balma yachting timer is in superb condition and working order. The stainless steel case is beautifully preserved and the white dial is also in excellent form, it has a primary 60-second dial with a central 15-minute countdown timer. This would be an ideal gift for a regatta enthusiast or a nice piece to add to any vintage collection.