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1975 Hamilton W10 Hacking Seconds British Army watch ***SOLD***

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1973 New Old Stock Hamilton W10 hacking British Army watch

Hamilton - An Army-issued vintage new old stock wrist watch. The watch back is numbered W10-6645-99 523-8290 /I\ 3437/75, making it a 1975 watch which still hasn’t been worn significantly. The watch has a “hacking feature” calibre 649 movement housed inside a monocoque tonneau shaped stainless steel case.

Hamilton produced for the British Army under the W10 marking between 1973 and 1976. For this to have survived so long in this condition is extremely rare- this is a true gem. The watch succeeded the earlier Smiths production piece, and preceded the CWC production pieces. It's known nowadays for its bold aesthetic and looks: the case shape and dial configuration appear to have aged perfectly to suit modern watch tastes, satisfying the vintage 'itch' without the quality and integrity of the watch suffering for it. 

The ‘T’ marking on the dial stands for tritium, the original 1970s material used to make dials luminescent, a mark which guarantees the originality of the dial. The dial is in fully original condition right the way down to the tritium hour plots which are remarkably intact. Perfect condition sword hands, hour plots, tracking ring and broad arrow denotation all typical of military pieces. Fixed lug bars as typical of military pieces, notably also present in the ‘Dirty Dozen’ collection. Many of these watches were also produced for the RAF and the Navy/Royal marines, bearing the references '6BB' and '0552' respectively. Army-issued Hamiltons (and Sears and Smiths for that matter) always bore W10.

Additional information

Made from

Case: Stainless steel

Dial: Black Dial, Tritium lume.

Crystal: Plexiglass

Bracelet: Green khaki tropical strap.

Technical specifications

Winding: Manually wound

Movement type: Manual

Calibre: 649

Jewels: 17

Purchase details

Condition: Almost new old stock

Model Reference Number: W10 Hamilton Military

Date of issue: 1975


Supplied with a 12-month Vintage Watch Specialist guarantee  


Width: 35mm

Lug width: 19mm

Height (lug to lug): 41mm

Wrist size: Adjustable