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Rolex Diamond Day-Date 18038 Dial - 36mm - Champagne colour + One hand (hour)


A beautiful vintage Rolex Day-Date dial in champagne with diamond hour plots. The lume plots are tritium, and have grown a lovely 'patina' across their surface which adds a warm vintage character to the watch face. There is a mild tritium marking right by the central hand pivot which can be seen in photographs, though for us this adds to the vintage feel to this as a watch face. The chapter ring has seem some mild erosion at 5 and 6, but is fully intact elsewhere. The dial has been stored in a Rolex parts case and is in good condition. The diamonds retain their sharp shine, and the only signs of age on the dial are clearly visible in photos. This is most notable on the 'E' of 'Perpetual' and the first 'A' of Day Date.

This would fit a 36mm Rolex DayDate, and has the hour hand usually seen on DayDates included here. It is in good condition, with a deep orange patina to its lume plot. This is not a pristine, new dial by any means, but nor is this a bad thing for us necessarily: the ageing and patination that has occurred on this watch face makes for a unique and undeniably vintage appeal.