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Omega 6B Mid Case - Long lugs - Spares/Repairs


A mid case (no case back) for the rare and highly collectible Omega 6B/159. The A.M (Air Ministry) 6B/159 was a WW2 RAF-issued pilots watch, circa 1943. Alloy main case section with stainless steel bezel.

A known issue with these watches is that their lugs were longer than most, so as to allow for thicker pilot straps to fit in the spring bar gaps. Whilst this was initially practical, it often meant that the lugs broke during heavy wear. This has unfortunately occurred here, however only with the upper set of lugs (with the crown stem on the right viewed from above). The lower lugs could be ground down and re-drilled to make for a consistent watch, but for now we have left the original long lugs in place for preservation/collectability purposes. Should you want the lugs to be evened out, we can arrange for this at additional cost.