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Grana 'ATP' - c.1940s WWII-Issued British Military Watch


A rare British-Issued WWII Grana ATP (Army Trade Pattern) watch, British Army military issue markings on the case back with 'Broad Arrow'

One of the elusive 'ATP' series, this Grana has quite literally been through the wars, but lacks the scars to show for it. A precursor to the famous ‘Dirty Dozen’ watches, produced for the British Armed Forces during World War II by 12 world-famous watch manufacturers (hence the nickname), the ATP (Army Trade Pattern) series of watches was made available at the start of WWII via a Military of Defence contract with 16 Swiss suppliers in 1939. Amazingly, in an effort to demonstrate neutrality, the Swiss supplied almost identical watches, this time with black dials, to the German military. The 20 variants of these ATPs have become highly collectable and touted due to the varying rarity of each model and ever so slight difference in appearances. Not only this, their dials have aged wonderfully into unique, organic vintage tones which vary from face to face. 

Just over 133,000 ATP watches were produced during World War II, and while the watches were meant to have been destroyed as fighting drew to a close, many were decommissioned and some continued in service. 

The Grana in question here has done amazingly to survive to this day in such a fine condition. The 'Dirty Dozen' collection was first conceived in 1943, and production is estimated to have begun in 1944: just one year before the end of the war. The ATPs, however, were earlier military issues which generally saw more intense fighting and action. Many of them have lost their iconic looks to the war, though not all, as this Grana testifies. Though some lume is missing from its hands, the caramel/chocolate patina on the hour plots gives the watch a vintage military aesthetic without getting grubby- the reflective dial surface is still impressively bright and reflective. The same can be said of the dial writing: the Arabic numerals and chapter ring are still a crisp jet black. The chapter ring seen around the hour plots is also duplicated on the sub-seconds register at 6:00, also beautiful to look at. The concentric, radial brushing which reflects in the light is cut off by the register circumference, as it is gently sunk into the dial, creating a very visually pleasing texture to gaze at.

What's on offer

Considering the likelihood that this watch saw active military service during World War II, it is in fantastic condition. The plated case, does show wear as it has been worn and rubbed, but this adds to the vintage military aesthetic in our opinion: there are no harsh tones or deep cracks exposed, just an interesting golden colouration with lighter and darker patches to it. The case back, solid stainless steel, bears the ATP Military Issue markings as well as the Ministry of Defence's official 'Broad Arrow' symbol. 

Additional information

Made from

Case: Chrome Plated, solid steel case back.

Dial: Originally silver/white, which has evenly darkened to a beautiful tropical coloured patina.

Crystal: Acrylic.

Bracelet: Vintage leather strap.

Technical specifications

Winding: Manual

Calibre: KF 320

Purchase details

Condition: Excellent, for its age, and in full working order.

Model Reference: A.T.P.

Date of issue: c.1938


Comes with a 6-month VWS guarantee.


Width: 32mm

Lug width: 16mm

Lug height (lug to lug): 38.5mm