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Hand-made artisan leather watch pouches!

Posted on July 30 2019

Hand-made artisan leather watch pouches!

Having lost our previous supplier long ago, the hunt for new custom watch pouches that met our exacting standards hasn't been easy. We've been inundated with questions and requests for more, and so we're extremely proud to announce that they're here. We hope you'll agree that they are the ideal storage vessel for your valuable and cherished watch that also look the part: hand-made genuine leather pouches from an artisanal tannery in Bedfordshire. 

When we started thinking about the design here, there was a fair bit to contend with. We knew we wanted a pouch which would fit watches of all shapes and sizes, wouldn't be too bulky so that it would fit in a safe, pocket or suitcase easily and would also hold its own so as to protect the watch from the outside. Last but not least, it had to be a soft inner so that the watch wouldn't wear in case of any rubbing. 

These pouches are the real deal. They've got that top quality leather smell to them, and the craftsmanship is visible everywhere, from the stitching across the outer edges to the inner casing around the zip.

The inner case is made of a delicate, thinner cut of calf skin leather - perfect for protecting watch faces and cases from any scratching during transit - and the outer of a tougher, dark leather. Thanks to this thicker outer leather cut, the pouch holds its shape excellently when zipped, preventing bending or pressure getting through to the watch. 

The current design proposal is without branding on the pouch, and the first batch won't have any banding embossed, though hopefully this should be added in to later batches! When selecting hides, grains and colours, this dark tan was our favourite, but feel free to let us know your thoughts on the design if you'd an alternative in mind! Perhaps even personalised embossing? Let us know.

Holidays are on the horizon for me, so I'll be popping my spare watch in one of these to travel with.

We're now taking pre-orders on these pouches before small batches start arriving in the coming months, so secure yours now to protect your watch the VWS way!



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